New Beginnings

By: Barbara Edwards

I recently asked my friend, an elementary school principal, if she was ready for tomorrow- which would be the first day of school. Her response was, “The best day of the year!” What a great response to new beginnings.

As a child I can remember the excitement of the first day of school – new clothes, new teacher. As a teacher I remember the first day of school too.  I would dream about all the bad things that could go wrong the first day and then of course, none of those dreams actually came to fruition- just a really best day ever. As a mom I remember sending my kids off for their first day of school with hopes and fears alike.

My point is that we each have new beginnings at some point during the year, mine has just always been connected to August/September and the beginning of a new school year. I was part of a profession where the schedule worked in our favor – we got to start over every year! Let the past go and start over!

This made me start to think…  how do I make it the best day ever?

Through the summer we participated in a variety of prayer experiences during our combined Sunday School Experience and prayer took on a different focus for me. I intentionally attempted to pray during different time periods throughout the day. Having a daily, same time each day prayer time has not always worked for me. This summer experiment made me appreciate the practice of “stopping” and praying.

I reflected on my experiment and realized that I could not “stop” and turn my attention to God while I was at home, thinking about all that the day would bring – this brings me to my new beginnings. I have a new morning rhythm (due to husband’s new job) so I have started coming to work a bit earlier – settling in the sanctuary of the Sanctuary- and beginning my day in prayer, reflection and reading. This is my new beginning – feel free to join me. It could be the best day ever!

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