Abundant Practices: Creating Space

By: Landon Collins

I love football season, and I often find myself staying up way to late watching a good game. Such was the case on Monday night. I like to wake up early so every time I glanced at the clock during the game I knew the alarm would come too soon, especially if one of my kids woke me up with a tap on the shoulder at 2am, which is the norm. On Tuesday morning when the alarm went off I drug myself out of bed, fed the dog,  made the coffee, poured the coffee, and went to my front porch to “be still.” As I was sitting there I asked myself “Why?” Why do I wake up in order to create space to be with God? I have asked myself this question before but this time, I was wondering if I could identify some tangible and practical reasons that at least on this morning I gave up some sleep to be present with God. Here is what I came up with:

-It creates the opportunity for God to reveal a little more of Himself and what it means to live in a relationship with Him.

-More flows out of me as a result. (i.e this blog)

-I am more aware of the ministry opportunities that surround my life; both in my vocational ministry and in my daily interactions with people in my life.

-My kids benefit by having an example to follow. (The get an even better example from their mom)

-It creates space for me to recognize habits and areas of my life that could use some grace and work.

-There is a sense of joy that comes from obedience. *From time to time this slips into meritocracy, where I wrongly believe that if I just do this often enough God will be more pleased.

-My wife really likes it!

-I experience a peace that comes from being present with the creator of the universe.

-I am more aware of practical ways to love people throughout the day.

Sometimes I have been guilty of offering only ideological or theological reasons for following Jesus. And those are important. But I don’t want to forget that there are some very tangible and practical experiences of abundant life when we participate (i.e wake up early to create space) in the dynamic relationship He invites us into.

What are some of your tangible experiences of creating space in your day to be present with God?

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