Puzzle Pieces

By: Landon Collins

I love dreams, not the ones that involve setting goals and planning. I love the ones that happen when you sleep. I think they are fun! Unfortunately, when trying to recall and retell these fun dreams, the details seem to fade and nobody else quite gets to experience the fun in the way I did. However, this wasn’t the case on Tuesday morning. When I sat down at my desk to begin working on this blog, one dream vividly stood out.

In this dream I was sitting in front of an auditorium getting ready to speak to a group of high school students. When I was in youth ministry, I had the opportunity to speak with several FCA groups around town and I always enjoyed that time of being with students. But this was different. This time I was sitting in front of these students and I realized that I had nothing to say. I wasn’t excited, I was terrified.

I had some type of contraption in my hand which I nervously fiddled with for a few minutes, hoping the dream would end. It didn’t. I continued fiddling. I don’t know what the contraption was. It was made of wood and had several screws. These screws held two other wooden pieces in place and could be loosened or tightened. There were also three metal discs that were attached to this contraption. One to the main piece of wood and one to each wooden arm.  I really wish I knew what this thing was! I continued to fiddle and then all of the sudden, Romans 8:28 popped into my mind.

“And we know that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him…”

 This contraption functioned in some ways like a puzzle. I began walking around the auditorium talking to the students about the different pieces of their lives. It was clear to me that some pieces were painful. Some pieces involved some type of abuse and neglect. Some pieces brought joy. Some were easy to identify, and some seemed like that had no place. I remember telling these students that God was using these pieces to create something beautiful. He was bringing them together to create something whole. My time with the students began with terror but it quickly moved towards excitement as I was anticipating what God would do in each one of their lives…

…but then….

….I woke up….

Ironically, I have been working on a puzzle for the last few days. I bought it for Liam at the Earlysville exchange on Friday, but I failed to pay attention the picture on the box that details the actual size of the piece. He’s not quite ready for this one yet. His loss has been my gain.

I’ve been grabbing different pieces and putting them in their correct spot. I’m almost done and it’s getting easier to see where each piece fits.

I have a bunch of different pieces of my life that God is pulling together to create something beautiful. Sometimes I don’t understand how they fit together, but I trust that He does. When I was working the puzzle I bought from the exchange I was constantly looking at the final picture on the cover. It was a playful rendition of Noah’s Ark. I don’t know what the final product of my life looks like, but I Imagine God is looking at Jesus as he works it.

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