To Work or to Worship

By: Lance King I’ve been reading through Torah lately. The epic, multi-layered, sometimes paradoxical stories have struck me anew.  A lush garden provides all life’s sustenance, but also produces the first relational triangle-the source of great lifelessness. “Sibling Rivalry” indelibly taints the soil to which all future siblings are destined to tend together. And “trickery” … Continue reading To Work or to Worship

Kingdom Participation: Advancing the Kingdom like Jesus

By: Zac Cannon In February 1945, skilled Japanese counterintelligence officer Hiroo Onoda recognized defeat was imminent at the hands of the invading American forces where he was stationed in the Philippines. He fled with three other men into the jungle and continued the engage in guerilla tactics against their opposition. Eight months later, Onoda and … Continue reading Kingdom Participation: Advancing the Kingdom like Jesus