Has Your Mind Been Changed Lately?

By: Lance King I heard a pastor recently remark that “nobody ever changes their mind anymore.” He was lamenting the widespread reluctance people have over allowing their perspective to be changed by new information.  In politics, I’ve heard mind-changing denounced as flip-flopping.  Politics aside, changing one’s mind can be considered as weak or fickle.  Have … Continue reading Has Your Mind Been Changed Lately?

“Can one of you who can talk please tell me what’s going on?!”

By: Zac Cannon PROLOGUE:This is an old piece that I wrote a few years ago. To be honest, I wrote it when I was frustrated; one of those stubborn seasons of life when you are desperate to keep scribbling away at the story you want to write for yourself while God tries to pry the … Continue reading “Can one of you who can talk please tell me what’s going on?!”

Canoes & Core Values

By: Lance King One key undertaking of our staff this time each year is planning the ministry year ahead. This energizing task involves taking congregational feedback from the fall discernment process, turning that feedback into key congregational priorities, then strategizing specific plans and allocating resources (time and money) toward carrying out fresh new ministries. Our staff … Continue reading Canoes & Core Values