The “I Love You” Prayer

By: Lance King Ever detect the significant inner difference between being aware of God’s presence and trusting God’s presence?  For me, the first is natural. The second requires continual practice. I appreciated this reminder from Richard Rohr this week:  The contemplative is not just awareof God’s Loving Presence, but trusts, allows, and delights in it. One way … Continue reading The “I Love You” Prayer

That One Time Jesus Seemed Kind of…Racist

By: Zac Cannon “I know who the bad guys are,” my five-year old daughter says as we watch some silly kid’s cartoon. “Oh, yea? Who?” But you already know who. We all learn how to spot the “bad guys” pretty quickly in life. They’re the scowling, nefarious, black-clad types. The one’s who stick out from … Continue reading That One Time Jesus Seemed Kind of…Racist